What is MLM | A Visual Understanding of MLM Companies

What is MLM | A Visual Understanding of MLM Companies

http://meetbradstewart.getmlspmasterynow.com/ A great visual diagram addressing the question “What is MLM” and giving an understanding of MLM companies. What…
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10 Responses to What is MLM | A Visual Understanding of MLM Companies

  1. Brad Stewart says:

    What is MLM? Enjoy this new video I made on what the MLM industry is about… Please Share 

  2. Consuelo Castillo says:

    Hi Brad, I like your video and useful tips. I desagree with Bruce, obviosly here you don´t pretend to do and extensive explanation of everything one person need to study to join a MLM and do good, but a basic view, as you said that should be the job of the person who is interested. I like what you said about if ppl is happy in a corporate job is OK, also that ppl need to research to be responsible…. I want to test in the scale a company I joined recently, I am sure it will help me a lot what you explain here. Thank you, I am from Chile but the product it is sale in the US. Regards!

  3. Kenny Pierman says:

    This is literally THE BEST MLM BUSINESS right now .. http://www.drinkverveandgetpaid.com

  4. Brad Stewart says:

    Jason, you can e-mail me at brad (at) meetbradstewart (dot) com and I will be glad to give you that information.

  5. Brad Stewart says:

    Bruce, I checked out those websites but they only point out a couple of bad apples within the MLM industry. Just because a Ford truck goes dead doesn’t mean the automobile industry is a scam… people don’t run for cover when major corporations get shut down for drug schemes and fraud, they move right along. That doesn’t mean corporations are a scam, nor automobiles, nor MLMs. :) Have a great week, Bruce and thank you for your response.

  6. Jason Smith says:

    hey Mike what company are you with?

  7. Jason Smith says:

    Hey Brad what company are you with? now ?

  8. Brad Stewart says:

    What is MLM? This is a video that I created that might help you with your prospect in understanding how this industry works and why they should get involved. ENJOY :)

  9. Brad Stewart says:

    What is MLM? A visual Understanding of MLM companies and the Network Marketing industry ENJOY :)

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