Merchant Data Systems Launches Mergers and Acquisitions Partner Program in Massachusetts

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 11, 2012

Merchant Data Systems(MDS) launches the Mergers & Acquisitions Partner Program in Massachusetts. The program offers a variety of products, services and resources. It increases businesses’ ability to accept different credit card payments and improves the way a business functions on a daily basis. This new program helps with cash flow problems that businesses may experience. It solves the problem by allowing partners to sell their ISO portfolio, allowing clients to become ISO Partners, join residual buyout programs and to form joint ventures. Merchant portfolios are valuable and MDS can help with increasing the value.

The M & A Partner Program is a good opportunity for business owners who need extra funding to expand their business. Businesses can get immediate cash when MDS buys their merchant portfolio and outstanding contracts from credit card transactions. The process is simple and can provide instant cash when business owners sell merchant portfolio to MDS. The new program also turns residual income into immediate cash. Potential clients do not have to worry about holdbacks or giving up control of their companies. They are working with a company that has 15 years of experience and provides premium service.

Participants who join the new program can join residual buyout programs and joint ventures. There are a variety of programs that can help businesses in different markets. These resources are available to current ISOs and potential ISOs. The funding from the partnerships is used by many business owners to expand their company. MDS gives funding to businesses with full merchant portfolios that have credit processing contracts. The company can also complete transactions within a reasonable time for instant cash. The residual buy-back programs are very attractive because of providing funds to partners and a convenient way to get extra money.

It is beneficial for business owners to form a relationship and partnership with MDS. Benefits may include access to immediate cash and the handling of merchant processing. Partners are also improving portfolio values and forming a true business relationship. The extra support allows business owners to focus on business while MDS handles joint venture pricing and back-office support. Operational integration is another benefit of the program, which lowers expenses and scales business models.

MDS has built an excellent track record for 15 years. This company owns a BIN, underwrites merchants and works with a professional customer service staff. Other services merchants can take advantage of ISO Program Products and Services and same day merchant accounts. The M & A Partner Program provides business owners the answers to run a successful company and an exclusive program. Other benefits consist of infrastructure, salaries, dividends, stock, office space, support, profitability, enhanced product suite, equity, competitive prices, monetize, joint ventures, roll-up premiums and partnerships.

MDS is a successful business that helps partners with increasing merchant services sales. Prospective partners want to work with a respectful company and not risk losing money. MDS adds credibility to their company. Prospective partners can maximize their business potential by working with a successful business like MDS.

MDS has a track record that goes back to 1997 and is a full payment processing company. The company has the resources to accommodate all types of companies. The services available to merchants are Loyalty programs, Merchant Cash Advances, Debit Card Processing, Credit Card Processing, Automated Account Settlement, Check Guarantee, POS Leasing and Equipment Sales, Electronic Check Conversion, Technical Help Desk, Electronic Benefits Transfer and 24/7 Customer Service. Merchants want to take advantage of the excellent payroll programs because they allow for running a company efficiently. MDS also takes a consultative approach with their partners by providing resources at an affordable price. The extra resources like payment acceptance tools that improve in-store sales and allow partners to focus on running their company.

MDS has made their mark in the industry and assist people all over the country. The company has relationships with important businesses, such as software integrators, major FDIC insured banks and alternative payment providers. MDS provides partners with convenience because the service can be used anywhere and at anytime. This allows merchant to accept different forms of payments.

Partners have access to different tools that allows for long-term success. MDS stays informed about the latest trends and implement initiatives to enhance experience when processing and accepting payments. Partners can concentrate on running their business because MDS has a good track record and makes on-time payments.

ISO/MSP Agent programs are available to partners and allows for staying competitive in business. Partners can get help with developing a plan to insure competitive pricing, selling and merchant satisfaction. MDS is ready to expand in business and taking on Acquisitions and Equity partnerships through the M & A partner program. New partners who join the program can see a change in business because of having access to equity, unparalleled support infrastructure and cash.

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