EE.UU. pidió la extradición de siete funcionarios de la FIFA detenidos en Suiza

EE.UU. pidió la extradición de siete funcionarios de la FIFA detenidos en Suiza
Entre los cargos acusatorios figuran "lavado de dinero, fraude y asociación ilícita". Fachada. Guardia periodística … La solicitud de extraditar a los dirigentes se basa en las sospechas de que los siete dirigentes y empresarios tuvieron …
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Escasez, colas y ataques de nervios: los griegos ya sienten el rigor del corralito
Para no tener que repetir lo mismo mil veces por día, los hoteles instalaron carteles en puntos estratégicos informando que "no, los turistas no tienen inconvenientes para obtener dinero en efectivo". … bancos para cobrar parte de sus pensiones; Los …
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Insistimos: No puede dejar pasar esta oportunidad de inversión
Este mercado se está despertando y los flujos de dinero están yendo en esa dirección. Ya le hemos hablado antes de este tema y los recientes … Además, se anunció que se reducirá un 50% el precio de la hora de navegación en la red. En la actualidad …
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Neill Blomkamp: "Los Die Antwoord hicieron que mi película sea súper cool, y

Neill Blomkamp: "Los Die Antwoord hicieron que mi película sea súper cool, y
En Chappie, Blomkamp vuelve a crear un cóctel de sci-fi, acción y miseria social (adonde se suman además Sigourney Weaver y Dev Patel). "Cuando estaba haciendo la película Elysium, llevaba su música en mi iPod y pensaba: 'Sería muy interesante si …
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VENEZUELA: Proyecto Alcance promueve la educación de calidad y el deporte
El Director Ejecutivo, Yohorman Pantoja, explicó que el programa que surge del proyecto de acción social que lidera, con el apoyo de la empresa privada y entes gubernamentales, y la Fundación Alcance, escuela de baloncesto, a través del cual se busca …
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Tania Báez: “Si hay compromiso, hay resultados”
“El 'coaching' tanto empresarial como personal, las conferencias y seminarios de autoayuda sirven como acompañamiento de autodescubrimiento, el cual resulta mediante ideas que provoquen el proceso creativo que inspiren a maximizar el potencial tanto …
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79-Year-old Pacing Parson Passes 1,000-Mile Mark in Cross-Country Walk for Pulmonary Hypertension Association

Don Stevenson in Glasgow, Mont.

Six months ahead of his 80th birthday, Don Stevenson has reached the 1,000 mile mark in his solo cross-country walk to raise awareness and money for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association(PHA). Stevenson began the walk in Washington State three weeks ago and expects to arrive at PHAs headquarters near Washington, D.C. by mid-September. He left Glasgow, Mont. yesterday morning and is making his way to Wolf Point.

The three-month, 30-mile-a-day trek is the 20th charity walk in two decades for Stevenson, a retired minister and former U.S. Marine who has earned the nickname, the Pacing Parson, in his hometown of Auburn, Wash. Stevenson had planned to hang up his charity walking shoes last year. But earlier this year, he lost a friend and fellow church member to PH, learned another friend with the disease is fighting for her life, and received news that a teenager with PH for whom he raised money is now recovering from a lifesaving heart and lung transplant.

PH is incurable and life threatening, as it can lead to failure of the right side of the heart as it pushes hard to get blood through arteries in the lungs narrowed by the disease. Without treatment, the average survival time is 2.8 years; and with symptoms that include shortness of breath, fatigue and fainting, PH too often looks like asthma or other less threatening illnesses.

PHA relies on donations to fund patient and caregiver support services, PH public awareness and medical education programs, specialty care resources and research to find ways to prevent and cure the disease. For 12 consecutive years, PHA has received the highest ratingfour starsfor fiscal accountability and transparency from Charity Navigator, placing it in the top one percent of all rated charities.

Stevenson, who takes Sundays off to rest, is following a route along Highway 2 across the northern part of the U.S. At the end of each day, he catches up with his wife, Loretta, who drives ahead and secures overnight accommodations, often donated by hotels when they learn about the Pacing Parsons long charity walk.

PHA is using social media to urge individuals and organizations to support Stevenson through sponsorships and online donations. PHA is chronicling Stevensons journey on social media while inviting people to walk with him and capture the experience via photos and short video clips.

Donors can support Stevenson by going to You can follow his journey @PHAssociation on Twitter and Pulmonary Hypertension Association on Facebook. PHA asks supporters to add #PacingParsonPHA to their social media posts.

About the Pulmonary Hypertension Association

Headquartered in Silver Spring, Md., the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) is the country’s leading pulmonary hypertension organization. Its mission is to find ways to prevent and cure pulmonary hypertension and provide hope for the community through support, education, research, advocacy and awareness. PHA does this by connecting and working together with the entire PH community of patients, families and medical professionals. Among its programs, PHA facilitates more than 245 support groups around the country and delivers continuing education for medical professionals through PH Online University. For more information, please go to

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RxSpeed Launches Brand Dashboard and Verified Listings

RxSpeed for Business

RxSpeed, the largest comparison search engine for the motor vehicle aftermarket, announced today the launch of RxSpeed for Business and its flagship Brand Dashboard, a secure login for manufacturers to access their product and pricing information. This cloud-based solution was designed to help companies manage their digital catalog while monitoring their online retailers and pricing. Manufacturers currently list products free of charge on and now have the ability to view their complimentary dashboard by verifying their contact information.

RxSpeed has experienced tremendous interest from car enthusiasts since the official launch in February, said Michael Chapin, CEO of RxSpeed. As a result, we have received a number of requests from manufacturers looking to access their inventory and analyze their retail pricing. RxSpeed for Business was developed in response to demands from the industrys leading manufacturers and our easy-to-use Dashboard will provide them with valuable data and insight.

According to Hedges & Company, the transition to online sales of auto parts is growing by $ 1 billion each year, or roughly 17%, leaving brick and mortar sales behind. This shift has created several new challenges for manufacturers in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). However, cloud-based computing has made it easier and more cost effective than ever before to create tools for management and collaboration.

We use dozens of cloud and SAAS technologies to run our business that were not available two or three years ago, noted Eric Coomer, CTO of RxSpeed. Software-as-a-service tools are now abundant in every industry with the exception of the auto aftermarket and we wanted to change that using the data we already manage every day.

To access additional functions, features and more advanced pricing intelligence, RxSpeed offers subscriptions to its dashboard starting at $ 49 per month. Additional automated services, currently in beta to be released later this year, will monitor unilateral or minimum advertised price (MAP) policies and offer enterprise solutions for companies with specific needs.

Six months after its launch, RxSpeed now catalogs 1.5 million products and updates 15 million prices every day with a goal of connecting consumers with products faster and easier than ever before. Implementing new technology has traditionally been a resource and labor intensive process, noted Chapin, Thats no longer the case, manufacturers should be able to focus on making great products while leveraging cost-effective solutions to run operations, sales and marketing more efficiently.

For more details on features and pricing visit


About RxSpeed

Founded in March of 2014, is a comparison search engine for the automotive aftermarket. It features the industrys most advanced product database showing consumers where to buy at the lowest cost. Launched in its beta version at the 2014 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show, the company aims to save consumers time and money during their research and purchase process.

For more information:


Email mcrenshaw(AT)

Dial (914) 401-4444

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BBC Mundo: el economista que estudia por qué la gente toma decisiones

BBC Mundo: el economista que estudia por qué la gente toma decisiones
¿Qué es exactamente la economía? ¿Ciencia o arte? ¿Una explicación de nuestra sociedad, sobre la base de leyes demostrables y observables? ¿Un marco para la predicción? ¿O es un intento de sistematizar lo imposible de comprender: los misterios de …
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La mirada de Luis Lafferriere
Cuando alguien amaga despertar, gracias justamente a que la alarma ante un posible colapso puede servir también para vender y tiene interés publicitario, es inducido de nuevo al sueño por un ejército de periodistas, opinadores y economistas. Están al …
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Índice político/Francisco Rodríguez
Mario Moya Palencia había manejado toda la campaña de Echeverría. Desde que lo designó Subsecretario A de la dependencia, el 1 de agosto de 1969, se había rodeado de hombres inteligentes para apuntalarlo como digno candidato a la mano de doña …
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Greeks lining up to pull their money out of banks are getting mobbed

Greeks lining up to pull their money out of banks are getting mobbed
Central Athens is a strange place on Monday — the normal tourist activities are still going on, just metres away from shuttered banks and lines of people trying to access their cash. Most of the people in line that I've talked to seemed cautiously …
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Tec Voc students get money sense by running their own bank
"We surveyed our grade nine students and many of them didn't have bank accounts. When we started making more inquiries about why, they said, 'we'll never have a reason to save money, I'll never have money' and we needed to change that attitude in a …

Byron Wien on 'Only Way to Make Serious Money'
“It is not easy to make money these days. In the past, if you had the right asset allocation, you could do well for institutional investors. Now most asset classes are fully valued. The bond market is expensive, equities are not cheap anywhere, gold is …
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Lima Ilustra 2015 “Convención Internacional de Diseño y Marketing Digital”

Lima Ilustra 2015 “Convención Internacional de Diseño y Marketing Digital”
Event on 2015-08-27 11:00:00

Lima Ilustra 2015 es la "convención internacional de diseño, Publicidad y Marketing Digital más importante y ambiciosa realizada en Perú". La convención se destaca por ser un evento de carácter interdisciplinario donde se desarrollarán temas acerca de diseño, ilustración, fotografía, Animación 3D, Lettering, Papercraft, Branding, Seo, Google Analític y Estrategias de Marketing Digital.

Sumado a conferencias, talleres experimentales, intervenciones, y exposiciones.
Dicha convención, es un encuentro que genera lograr un intercambio cultural entre los expositores y asistentes, el evento se realizará en Lima los días 27, 28, 29 y 30 de Agosto 2015.

Lima ilustra 2015 será un encuentro de intercambio cultural contará, con los ponentes más destacados internacionales y nacionales de reconocida fama. Además estarán las marcas más representativas del rubro en exposición dentro del área de auspiciadores.

CONVENCIÓN ( 27y28 de Agosto )



Adrian Sommeling-Australia-Photoshop Avanzado Vilma Nuñez-Republica Dominicana-Marketing de Contenidos Zim&Zou-Francia-Papercraft Enchufe TvEcuadorEstrategia de contenido para Youtube

Typewear-México-Ilustración "WawaWiga"-Colombia-IlustraciónElena "Tatabi studio"-España-Branding Handmade

*Los Workshops no están incluidos.


 Puedes pagar de 2 formas:

Debes de crearte una cuenta en PayPal, es rápido y sencillo: solo necesitas una tarjeta de crédito (NO débito). Después de crear la cuenta, compras la entrada en Eventbrite y te llegará un correo con la constancia.


Debes entrar a: y seguir las instrucciones 

Para solicitar las facturas envíanos un correo a con los siguientes datos: 

Nombre de la empresa 

*Las facturas te las entregamos el día de la convención (Counter) 

Depende el tipo de entrada que compres tienes los siguientes beneficios (Ver beneficios a la hora de compra de la entrada)

at El Centro Cultural de la UNIFÉ
Av. Los Frutales 954
Lima Lima, Peru

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Project Couture Magazine Model Casting Calls 2015

Project Couture Magazine Model Casting Calls 2015
Event on 2015-07-25 09:00:00
Magazine Model Casting Calls 2015

Project Couture Magazine and Out Next Magazine
High Fashion Male and Female Model Casting Calls 2015

The International Beauty Movement will be releasing two new online upscale fashion model magazines in April 2015, and they are entitled “Project Couture Magazine” and “Out Next Magazine.”

These two new magazines will be dedicated to upscale female and male fashion models worldwide ages 18-35, creative hair stylists, makeup artists, fashion photographers, clothing designers, fashion journalists, and fashion stylists worldwide.



Submit your professional modeling photos and bio with contact information to:

All photos submitted by models will be evaluated on creative posing, makeup and hair styling, photo shoot location, and unique look.

This is one casting call you will want to submit your professional photo portfolio to if you are a male or female fashion model ages 18-35, creative hair stylist, makeup artist, fashion photographer, clothing designer, fashion journalist, or fashion stylist looking for the perfect opportunity to take your fashion career to the next level, showcase your fashion talent or work on a global stage, expand your fashion career, gain worldwide exposure for your talent in the fashion and publishing industry, expand your professional portfolio in the fashion and entertainment industry, and increase your opportunity of having your talent or work recognized or being seen by thousands of people including fashion industry and entertainment industry insiders worldwide, then you will want to submit a recent professional photo portfolio of no less than 12 recent professional high resolution photos with no writing or watermarks and a professional bio with your contact information to the International Beauty Movement for an opportunity that could open door for you as an international magazine print model and create high paying jobs for you in the fashion or entertainment industry.

Konscious Money Entertainment Group, Creator of the International Beauty Movement has created a strong presence in both the entertainment and fashion industry with it’s internationally known Ripping Runways Magazine publication and Girl 9 Magazine For Men, Salon Savvy Magazine for Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists worldwide, and as a result, Konscious Money Entertainment Group, Ripping Runways Magazine, Girl 9 Magazine, and Salon Savvy Magazine is responsible for featuring some of the hottest and most beautiful female models and beauty pageant winners worldwide since 2012.

The International Beauty Movement is now accepting modeling portfolios from high fashion male and female models for a possible feature in one of these magazines that meet the following qualifications:

Please read Casting Call Carefully:

Male Models submitting themselves to this magazine casting call: must be ages 18-35, height must be 5’10 or taller, must have a lean muscular build, have a professional look, be photogenic, very few if any tattoos, must have a fashionable hair cut, clear skin, facial hair must be neatly trimmed if you have facial hair, must submit a recent professional high resolution photo portfolio no older than 12 months with 12 or more professional high resolution photos in formal dress clothing and fashionable casual clothing with no photographer signatures or logos on them, must submit a professional bio with contact information, and if you have high quality video footage you may also submit it.

Female Models submitting themselves to this magazine casting call: must be ages 18-35, height must be 5’7 or taller, female models must be in great physical shape and have a lean curvy body that looks great in lingerie, swim wear, fashionable casual clothing, and high fashion dress clothing, must have very few if any tattoos, clear skin no pimples or bumps, no body scars or stretch marks, must submit a recent professional high resolution photo portfolio no older than 12 months, must submit 12 or more professional high resolution photos in fashionable dress clothing, lingerie, swimwear, and or fashionable casual clothing with no photographer signatures or logos on them, must submit a professional bio with contact information, and if you have high quality video footage you may also submit it.

All photos submitted by models will be evaluated on creative posing, makeup and hair styling, photo shoot location, and unique look.

The more photos you submit, the better chance you will have of being selected to be a featured model in one of the 2015 upcoming issues of our magazine, so you will want to submit a lot of hot photos.

We do not accept photos that are older than 12 months, we do not accept camera phone photos, we do not accept photos with more than one model in it, we do not accept photos posted on other websites, we do not accept low resolution photos, we do not accept photos with writing on them, logos, or photographer signatures, and we do not accept personal photos that are taken in your home, we do not accept photos that are collages or have effects, or have borders added to them, so please do not submit none of the above or your photos will not be considered.

Please Feel Free To Visit Our Websites
and Read Our magazines At The Links Below:

International Beauty Movement Web Site:

Salon Savvy Magazine Web Site:

Ripping Runways Magazine Web Site:

Girl 9 Magazine Web Site:

Konscious Money Entertainment Group Web Site:

You can read our hot fashion magazines at:

Ripping Runways Online Magazine:

Girl 9 Online Magazine:

Salon Savvy Online Magazine:

Please visit our casting call link to view all of our current casting calls for female models and stylists at:

at Postal code 10019, United States
256 W 36th St. 2nd Fl.
New York, United States

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Año éxitoso para empresa hotelera

Santiago de Chile, Viña se Mar. (PRWEB) April 2, 2005

La empresa hotelera Chilena ha visto incrementar su demanda en un 40% en comparación de años anteriores, ello por la apertura de los mercados externos, y la fuerte demanda de empresarios que han visto últimamente a Chile como un terreno fértil para sus inversiones.

La información la dio a (NA) Teresa Solís Gerente del afamado hotel Gala de Viña del Mar ubicado en calle Arlegui273, este incremento –señala- se debe a que el empresariado externo solicita a diario habitaciones para hospedarse por las reiteradas reuniones de trabajo que ejecutan en nuestro País , antes –indica- se atendía a publico de regiones y de países limítrofes, “hoy la cosa ha cambiado, las demandas en su mayoría corresponden a pasajeros de Europa, Estados Unidos, Hacia, y en general del viejo continente que concurren a desarrollar tareas empresariales y de negocio” por lo que en estos últimos años-subraya- el rubro de la hoteleria estrella se ha visto fortalecido.

En el caso del hotel Gala la demanda de público ha sobrepasado los cánones normales debido a la participación de este en el reciente certamen de Viña, ya que este hotel se transformo en la vedette de Viña albergando a la Animadora Myriam Hernández, y a otras celebridades del certamen Viñamarino.

Gala ha visto pasar por sus exclusivas habitaciones, a figuras como Placido Domingo ,Miguel Bose ,Marta Sánchez , Silvio Rodríguez ,Luís Miguel ,Pablo Milanes, ,Joaquín Savina , La Ley , Illapu , Lucerito ,Alejandro Sans , y los mas nombrados Parlamentarios y Ministros como José Miguel Inzulsa y Soldad Alvear, entre otros; siendo la mayor muestra la reciente participación en el certamen de Viña según lo señala su gerente orgullosa de estar a la cabeza de una empresa que día a día crece y se fortalece la receta según Maria Teresa Solís es la creación de equipos de trabajo cohesionados, y dispuestos a entregarse por el éxito de las tareas que se emprenden, y para ello nada mejor que un buen personal –agrega- la joven ejecutiva asumió sus tareas administrativas hace tan solo cinco años y ya a logrado instalar a esta cadena hotelera en un sitial de continuo asenso, con cuatro hijos el menor de tan solo un año y medio se las arregla para compartir sus responsabilidades de madre, esposa, y ejecutiva, dice sentirse satisfecha y no repara al reconocer que esta no es tan solo la responsabilidad que carga sobre sus hombros ya que además administra el casino universitario de Rodelillo perteneciente a la Universidad de Viña del Mar, y como si esto fuera poco el hotel las Turbinas de la ciudad de Los Ángeles, ¿como lo hace¿ solo ella tiene la formula podríamos llamarla la Mujer increíble ya que al tratar de cerca con esta ejecutiva cualquiera pondría en duda sus palabras, ya que su carácter amable, afable tierno y cariñoso no parecieran ser compatibles con tremendas responsabilidades empresariales que cargan sobre ella.

Maria Teresa espera que el próximo año nuevamente la estación del angelito contrate los servicios de este hotel, ya que esta apuesta de la estación televisiva resulto altamente beneficiosa para la casa hotelera –asegura- Gala a nivel nacional se puede definir entre los hoteles cuatro estrella dirigido al ejecutivo, y empresario; en otras palabras al Hombre de negocios.

Antes de despedirnos nos recalca que “díganlo este es el hotel que mejor le ha ido en la presente temporada”

La joven ejecutiva con quince años de matrimonio, y cuatro Hijos se siente conforme con las tareas trazadas, y dice que “no cambiaria este trabajo por nada del mundo, aunque me demanda tiempo pero los frutos se ven “concluye fono de la fuente (hotel Gala) +56-32-321500 correo electrónico/

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Negocios latinos en Washington Heights enfrentan desalojos

Negocios latinos en Washington Heights enfrentan desalojos
Chávez y otros dueños de seis locales decidieron que no podían costear la pelea judicial contra sus caseros, la compañía Coltown Properties, y desde la pasada semana comenzaron a cerrar sus comercios en la avenida Broadway con la calle 162, en …
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Grillo: aparato casero hecho en México que alerta sobre terremotos
Los aztecas comenzaron a drenar el lago cuando se construyó un sistema de islas artificiales y canales para servir como su ciudad capital: Tenochtitlán. Los conquistadores y colonizadores españoles terminaron el trabajo de modo que tendrían tierra seca …
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Dos emprendedoras se unen para crear negocio y dan ejemplo de voluntad
Se trata de doña Sixta González (57) y doña Rosa Gaona (83), pobladoras de la compañía San Benito del distrito de San Ignacio, quienes decidieron emprender juntas el negocio de las chipas para generar un poco de dinero. El objetivo fue logrado con la …
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