Los expedientes que inquietan a miembros clave de la era K

Los expedientes que inquietan a miembros clave de la era K
Es que, como publicó el diario La Nación, el empresario oficialista Lázaro Báez alquiló habitaciones de Alto Calafate aun sin ocuparlas para el personal de su empresa. El juez Bonadio sospechaba que detrás había presunto lavado de dinero de sobornos …
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Próximamente: un dólar = 1 euro
“Si decidimos que la trayectoria actual de nuestra política no es suficiente para lograr nuestro objetivo, haremos lo que debamos hacer para elevar la inflación lo más rápido posible”, dijo. “Haremos lo debamos hacer” es la nueva “gran bazuca”.
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Compartir es más que una moda hipster y los clientes lo saben
Para competir con precio, las compañías de la vieja guardia pueden lanzar sus propios mercados “persona a persona”, como el mercado secundario de Walmart para videojuegos usados. Para ofrecer conveniencia, pueden proveer los servicios y productos …
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Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi
Event on 2015-12-05 20:30:00

Gloria Trevi is the same person in your life and on stage. But in the latter it shows its most intense and passionate moments, a concert with Gloria Trevi is cathartic for the audience moves from laughter to tears and tenderness pride between songs. Gloria de los ngeles Trevio Ruiz came into the world on February 15 1968 and christened Aquarius creative. Since childhood the family saw their dreams of becoming a big star. With the clear intention is to reach Mexico City celebrates 15 years when looking for the first opportunity in the middle. After studying at the Art Center of Televisa (CEA) in 1985 he joined the female vocal quintet "Heartbreak Painted" with whom he also recorded songs written. Ends the group but Gloria does not give up his dream of a solo, knock on doors, singing at parties, 15 years, weddings, bars and even on the street, and this is how Gloria Trevi born. The different worlds of Latin society, becomes rebellious artist with wry social criticism and contrasts of tenderness, love, pain, joy and madness come together in one person. Gloria Trevi is like a roller coaster, fame would soon arrive and recorded his first album. In 1990, this avant-garde artist becomes banner of the new generations of their country and shocked everyone with the launch of its first musical production titled "Why am I here". The single "Dr. Psychiatrist "reaches the tops of the charts and not only breaks record, but also the schemes known so far in Latin music. His audacity became a revelation and other successes flowed without delay. The songs "What will I do without him?", "The Last Kiss", "Tomorrow" and "Why am I here", were becoming part of the emerging phenomenon that included controversial television appearances with torn stockings, fashion and multicolor daring attitudes and opinions of the public, journalists and intellectuals, which affected the means installing it on the international scene as a true revolution in the Latin music industry. And when many thought it was just a fashion, the album "Your Guardian Angel" in 1991, achieved an impressive impact that embodies not only among the young audience, but with children and adults. This album also opens doors in Spanish-speaking countries, especially in the Southern Cone and the Latino population of the United States, becoming his first single "Loose Hair," an anthem of youth across the continent. Only this album allowed add 8 and 3 gold records to countless Platinum as part of his collection. Immediately, the phenomenon of La Trevi arrives in theaters with the debut of the artist in the film "Loose Hair", with record revenues in the Mexican box office, and growing to up to 34 presentations in one month, becoming the most sought latina singer. As a reflection of the success at home, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Gloria began his first international tour that leads from Puerto Rico to Argentina, Trevimana awakening across the continent. In 1992 he published "I feel so alone," a tribute to the pioneers of rock which included the now classic "Old Shoes" song also becomes a film production. Another of his successes, entitled "Eyes closed," kept for more than 8 consecutive weeks at the top of the list of more than 10 countries. That same year, also the recognition of the Spanish public wins. In early 1993 is dismissed from his Mexican audience momentarily to pursue new markets, focusing primarily in states with a successful tour in different states of the American union, in such major venues as the Madisson Square Garden. Also enshrined in the Festival of Via del Mar, Chile, obtaining the approval of the public demanding that La Quinta Vergara was named "Woman of the monster" and bringing all the recognition of this important festival. Then he decided to settle in the city of Los Angeles, United States, and begins landing in this country with glory, occupying headlines as the prestigious "The New York Times" or exclusive magazine "The New Yorker" and in "The Village Voice, "" People Magazine "," The Miami Herald "," LA Times "and" Wall Street Journal "among others. 1994 was the year of "more troubled than ever," an album that develops a concept that marked where trends and unforgettable hits as "The Count of Damages", "A Mother" and "Pregnant Girl" came off. The single of this production was "without ketchup potato" which also hits the big screen with a box office success, and Gloria is also consolidated as the queen of clubs (Discos). In August and September 1995, the major television networks in the Netherlands, Chile, England and Belgium made reports and documentaries about its history and its projection goes around the world. That same year presents the album "If you take me with you" and the single "She never was it" adds to his list of successes. In 1996 surprise farewell to the stage, but it does a TV show called XETU REMIX leaving a lasting impression on viewers as his life becomes embroiled in personal issues, business intrigues and scandals that led to face one of the processes most controversial legal and widespread remembrance of those who have in the middle of the show, coming to be in jail and between contradictory accusations of his detractors. Gloria Trevi apparently said nothing, but continued to compose until justice finally declared innocent and this extraordinary artist, just when many thought was over, reappears so that the media and the public to compare with the Phoenix. Over 400 songs that belong and including several of those already published, which have left their mark on Latin music for its clear, straightforward language. His style of writing has influenced other composers. In 2004, all events experienced revert to draw on the enthusiasm of his audience by having it again on stage. That affection turns on "How the Universe is born" which was billed as the best pop album of that year according to Billboard publication and certified platinum. "In the Middle of the Storm" was the single that otherwise makes clear that's what Gloria Trevi sings her own life. His great return occurs in his native Monterrey, where the historic concert recording. What follows is a range of successes, reborn and even against all odds, obstacles and prejudices, public idolizes as from the first day, both at home and across the continent and in Spain. Given the high expectations of their fans to hear more of it, in 2006 published "The Journey", the wlbum recorded live audio and video containing four previously unreleased tracks, among which include "All I Miran" success global and anthem of the gay community, "Suffer what I joy," "morning Star" and "Ungrateful". Your participation in "Premios Lo Nuestro" 2007 was shocking, opening the show broadcast worldwide by network Univision La Trevi I was already seated left back; then followed the Billboard Awards "on Telemundo. In late 2007, joining his talents to great composers and producers, born "Una Rosa Blu" disco wave breaks in his career, which follows the mega hit "Five Minutes" in addition to "prove it" and for the first time in 15 years, Trevi is placed at the top of Billboard, reconquering radios not only Mexican but also American. Countless awards come with this musical work, Gloria is the owner of the world again, politicians give "The Keys of the City of Miami," The Keys of the City of Los Angeles, San Francisco and proclamations days dedicated to it in cities like Atlanta and Chicago. She was invited to sing in Washington DC before a select group of congressmen. Your participation in the Carnival of Las Palmas Canary Islands was broadcast live on TVE throughout Europe, and is causing a sensation in Tenerife where he recorded his video for "Five Minutes"; the success of this issue is such that it is also versioned by Mexican regional group 'Horoscopes of Durango' with the intervention of Trevi entered this duranguense rhythm; participated in the grand finale of American Idol from Buenos Aires, Argentina where he hoped his fans for over 15 years. Packed stadium in La Paz, Bolivia appearing before more than 12 thousand people, was invited to the Coliseum of Puerto Rico to sing the duet with Olga Tanon "What I Play" in a special that was broadcast on Direct TV to millions of viewers; 2008 brought more fame and more work, the tour of "La Rosa Blu" was seen live on more than a million people each weekend flooding theaters and Arenas to see their idol. Gloria Trevi's return surprised many, except herself, clutching her talent that proved to be the "Phoenix of the XXI Century", both would have said it with his singular confidently says he does not want more feathers and laughs at his own tears. A new generation has joined the army of his millions of fans around the world, in concert children, adolescents and adults clapping all with the same fervor they are. Records in those days the video for her third single "prove it" under the direction of Pedro Torres in Mexico Under the label of Universal Music was released 'Una Rosa Blu Deluxe Edition "which includes 20 songs, including an unreleased track, also contains videos and remixes. In less than a month the album occupied the top sales in Mexico and the United States. This same production the hits "El Favor de la Soledad," a song breaks record of stay in the Top Ten for several radio stations in Mexico and slough "What a Girl for Love is Able", whose video cartoon comes also the number one country, so it is clear, after 5 Easy first, the musical quality of "Una Rosa Blu", which was maintained over 160 weeks in the Top Ten of the best selling albums. In 2009 Gloria Trevi and "UNA ROSA BLU" were recognized and honored to get the following prizes: Premios Lo Nuestro 2009: Female Artist of the Year Pop 2009 Latin Billboard Awards: Pop Airplay Feminine Theme Year: "Five Minutes" Gloria Trevi Gloria Trevi has been considered the Latin artist who shows offered in 2009.'s Tour "UNA ROSA BLU" has offered more than 200 shows throughout Mexico, the U.S., and Latin America, and the show "A ROSE BLU "was nominated for Best Pop Show by Lunas Auditorio Nacional. His official web site is actively visited by over 300,000 people weekly. The euphoria of fans knows no bounds, so much so that your website gets about a million and a half of monthly visits from different countries. In each of her followers is the most complete artist details from leaving messages to "The Fountain" to upload videos, audios, photos, have their own community of friends, chat and actively participate in their forums. The main theme of Killer 2 Females "That Emanate", was composed by Gloria Trevi and became one of the ring major tones, a phenomenon repeated theme Teresa telenovela, "That Bitch Is Bad" played by Gloria. It was in March of 2011 when it goes on sale his album "GLORY" of the "ME RIO DE TI", "DRESSED SUGAR" NIGHT "," Wake "," CHANGE AND NOT successes emerge ", which place the artist in the top of the charts for several consecutive weeks and nominate Female Artist of the Year, Best album of the Year and Song of the Year with "me Rio de Ti" lo Nuestro Awards in music America 2012. YOUR VIDEO "Dressed Sugar" has 30 million views on Youtube From the hand of his album "GLORIA" by mid-2012 sale The "GLORIA LIVE" a selection of some of his greatest hits like "Dr. Psychiatrist, "" The Count of Damage "," Todos Me Miran "etc.., Sung live at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and in which La Trevi includes cover of 80" Gloria "and two unreleased tracks "Autoerotic" and G Point "Over 400 songs that belong and including several of those already published, which have left their mark on Latin music for its clear, straightforward language. His style of writing influenced other composers to With her "Gloria" toured some of the most important venues in Mexico, North and South America In February 2013 had its reunion with the Monster Quinta Vergara at the Festival of Via del Mar in Chile, participated as a judge of the competition and at the same stage started with her current tour "Hold" conquering the hearts of the audience who waited 20 years to get back to deliver all awards granted in this which is one of the most important events in the world, the Silver Torch, Torch Gold, La Gaviota de Plata and La Gaviota de Oro, and also received on the same stage gold record for their highest sales in that country This 2013 is a busy year for The Fountain and returning to television for the first time participating as Protagonist Telenovela "Free to Love You" produced by Mr. Emilio Larrosa, while she is presenting her tour that started Agarrate with Total Sold in the National Auditorium in Mexico City, Chicago, San Francisco, Arizona and in several cities in Texas, the tour continues throughout Mexico, North and South America and out as the "Trevinator" (as their fans call it) never stops, also is preparing his next record production with the complicity of major producers such as Armando Avila, Sebastian Jacome, Ettore Grenci, Maffio and Motiff in what promises to be a super production Definitely Gloria Trevi is currently making a soap opera but his whole life is a movie …. Vanguard, and renewed energy, the Trevi is currently the number one in Latin America, from its official website enter more than 300 thousand people every week; VH1 devoted for the first time in history a full program: "Behind The Music" the girl from the "Old Shoes" and that in the world today: "All the Miran"

5216 W Lawrence
Chicago, United States

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Tiendas abren con rebajas de hasta 70 % para animar ventas

Tiendas abren con rebajas de hasta 70 % para animar ventas
Para el director ejecutivo de la Cámara de Comercio de Guayaquil, Juan Carlos Díaz-Granados, se trata de estrategias propositivas para reanimar el mercado que ha sufrido disminución de ventas en el año. Calcula que en Guayaquil se cerrará el año con …
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Esperan ventas por US millones en Black Weekend
Eduardo Fonseca, director ejecutivo de la CCSN, dijo que el comercio está listo con sus ofertas y que esperan un éxito mayor al del año pasado, cuando consiguieron que las ventas alcanzaran US$ 25 millones. Fonseca señaló que en estos últimos días el …
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Recuperar el Banco Central
Con posterioridad, y bajo el régimen kirchnerista, los restos de autonomía del banco fueron barridos y el Central pasó a ser una dependencia más del Ejecutivo. Dos leyes, la 26.422 de 2008 y la 26.730 de 2012, terminaron de armar una institución puesta …
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5 ventajas a la hora de comprar online

5 ventajas a la hora de comprar online
Otro sector online que se ha multiplicado exponencialmente es el de los comparadores de distintos servicios como vuelos, hoteles, seguros e incluso servicios de telefonía. Páginas webs como Buscapé, Trivago, Celulares.com o Autocosmos … ha permitido …
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10 cosas que debes saber sobre la estrategia de marketing de Star Wars
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Marketing online, terreno fértil para los Contact Centers
Ahora, desde un anuncio local, los usuarios podrán comunicarse directamente con las empresas que están publicitando sus productos o servicios, mediante un simple botón de “enviar mensaje”; y por otro lado, las compañías podrán responder de manera …
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Marketing digital é aliado na venda de produtos e serviços

Marketing digital é aliado na venda de produtos e serviços
Segundo o organizador do evento, o consultor em Marketing digital Gledson Poggioni, ainda não são muitas as empresas que sabem, adequadamente, usar a internet a favor dos negócios. “Marketing digital não é só publicar nas redes sociais. As empresas …
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Os 10 maiores vacilos das marcas nas redes sociais em 2015
É curioso e até contraditório analisar que a mesma internet que exige versatilidade e agilidade para não perder o timing das coisas, é aquela que pode detonar uma empresa com uma ação mal sucedida, onde a pressa atropela a estratégia. Confira abaixo …
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Por que sua empresa precisa de uma consultoria em marketing digital?
A consultoria em marketing digital tem como objetivo orientar a empresa sobre o melhor caminho a seguir para atingir resultados de curto, médio e longo prazo com ações de marketing na internet. Para isso, ela faz uma análise completa do ambiente de …
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Revenden juarenses ofertas de Black Friday

Revenden juarenses ofertas de Black Friday
Justo después de las ventas que se registraron el jueves de 'Thanksgiving', en las páginas de Facebook que se dedican a realizar ventas en Ciudad Juárez, comenzaron a aparecer televisiones similares a las que se están vendiendo en tiendas como …
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Ciclistas (I) / Hombres (y mujeres) que no tuvieron monumento
Entre las ilegalidades estaban carreteras con clavos y botellas rotas sólo en un lado, el derecho o el izquierdo, para que los ciclistas que lo supieran lo evitaran haciendo que los demás pincharan y sufrieran retrasos o salvajadas, como ocurrió en …
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La delgada línea que separa persuasión de corrupción en el deporte
El elenco de maniobras destinadas a conseguir un contrato en el deporte o a hacer ganar a una candidatura es variado. Así lo demuestran los escándalos que sacuden a la FIFA o la IAAF, en la que está implicado su … La situación es diferente cuando …
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Aythami Artiles: "Jugando así tenemos muchas opciones de ganar al Deportivo"

Aythami Artiles: "Jugando así tenemos muchas opciones de ganar al Deportivo"
El jugador de la UD Las Palmas Aythami Artiles ha manifestado hoy que si el equipo canario sigue jugando como en sus últimos partidos tiene "muchas opciones" de ganar este sábado al Deportivo, un encuentro que para él será "especial" por su pasado en …
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Carlos Watson: 'Ariel está obsesionado con el gol'
El deseo por ganar y crecer ren la tabla no puede verse como obsesión, es un deseo normal de un equipo por subir. ¿Qué pasó con Irving … ¿Cómo funciona su mediocampo, Monge es el recuperador y Angulo y Bustos están más arriba en la misma línea?
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Marc Gasol impuso su clase ante Howard; ganaron Rubio e Ibaka
Antes del triunfo de Gasol, el base Ricky Rubio también cumplió como director del juego de los Timberwolves de Minnesota mientras estuvo en el campo y los ayudó a ganar por 99-95 a los Hawks de Atlanta, en lo que fue su segundo triunfo consecutivo como …
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Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul
Event on 2015-11-28 21:30:00

"Despite his success and sense of history, Mr. Paul remains an artist with his eye on the future and an interest in discovering the transformative potential in his music." – The New York TimesSome artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. Its a rare artist who can do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who have helped define their era overall. Woody Guthrie comes to mind, and so does Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen certainly as well. Yet few others, for whatever genius they may possess, can relate their own history to the history experienced by those who find that common bond, be it in a coming of age, living through the same realities or sharing similar experiences.Ellis Paul is one of those gifted singer/songwriters.Though some may refer to him as a folksinger, he is more, for lack of a better word, a singular storyteller, a musician whose words reach out from inside and yet also express the feelings, thoughts and sensibilities that most people can relate to in one way or another, regardless of age or upbringing. The exhilaration of the open road. A celebration of heroes. The hope for redemption. Descriptions of those things that are both near and dear. The sharing of love…, intimate, passionate and enduring.These are the scenarios that emerge from Ellis Pauls new album, Chasing Beauty, a set of songs which detail, in typical Paul fashion, stories of people and places that reflect larger truths about us all. Kick Out the Lights (Johnny Cash) pays tribute to that fearless American icon name-checked in its title. Plastic Soldier offers homage to a wounded soldier returning from Afghanistan. A real-life barnstorming pilot takes the spotlight in Jimmie Angels Flying Circus, while iconic Boston blue collar musician Dennis Brennan takes the focus in Waiting on a Break. Even the Empire State Building and the Boston Red Sox get their due, via Empire State and UK Girl (Boston Calling), respectively.In reality, these stories are a continuation of tales Paul has told for more than a quarter century, over the expanse of nineteen albums, numerous critical kudos (15 Boston Music Awards alone), inclusion in several movie soundtracks, and stages hes headlined both near and far. Ive got a car with over 475,000 miles on it, and it's my third road vehicle, Paul declares. Ive been doing 200 shows a year for over twenty years. There isnt a town in the country where I wont find a friend. Im a nomad. And Im gonna write and play until Im gone.No doubt he will. Still, its somewhat ironic that Paul gravitated towards this bigger world of intent and expression given that the place Paul considers his hometown these days isnt New York or Nashville, or Boston or Austin or Charlottesville, VA. where he lives, but rather Presque Isle, Maine, a tiny enclave surrounded by three rivers. Not surprisingly, the name translates to almost an island. Presque Isle shares a vanishing tradition with many small towns these days, where family farms are giving way to industrialization and giant corporations, and earning a livelihood from the land is no longer the simple option it once was. Nevertheless, its still a haven for traditional values and for people as real and authentic as the soil they once tilled. If theres one grace left to cling to, its the grace of natures beauty, sealed off by the surrounding mountains and fields.Likewise, his geographical origins also couldnt have been further from the world at large. He was born in the dead of winter in the small town of Fort Kent, Maine, a place nestled right up next to the Canadian border. He came from humble origins, a family of potato farmers who could count among their forebears a veteran of the battle of Gettysburg, whose heroism on that field of honor earned him the 140 acres of Maine farmland that his descendants would continue to sow. It was the place that taught Paul the meaning of hard work and self-reliance, and the values that accompany as much drive and determination any individual could muster.As a boy, Paul found his escape in athletics, working out as a runner and testing his mettle in the open spaces near his home. He became a star competitor, and enjoyed the advantage of traveling throughout the nation after being given opportunities to compete. Along the way, he saw more of the country than most people do in a lifetime. I was lucky to be able to travel for competitions all over the U.S. and to see places I once could only dream of, he recalls. The Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles, the endless plains of Texas, the Kansas prairie, the Rocky Mountain in Wyoming. Every trip was funded by a hat the town passed around on my behalf, and it never came back empty. When Paul finished second in a nationwide track competition, he was met at the airport by the high school marching band and a fire engine with spinning lights that drove him in triumph through town. In an expression of hometown pride, the mayor handed him the key to the city.No one ever told Paul he had to follow in his familys tradition. He was a dreamer after all, and he had seen enough of America to know there was more out there than his little town could ever offer. Consequently, his ambitions were never destined to stay bottled up for long. He would write, paint, play trumpet and sing in the school choir. I never had anyone tell me I had to be a farmer, Paul insists. I had plenty of people telling me how my hard work and talent could take me places. Thats enough to get you dreaming, And enough to make you believe those dreams are within reach.Indeed, Paul found those dreams were within his reach, at least in terms of his imagination. However their pursuit would take him far from home. His first destination was Boston College, courtesy of a track scholarship. Yet as Paul describes it, his athletic endeavors, combined with his academic responsibilities, served to rob him of his creativity. It was only after he suffered a knee injury which forced him to take a year off that he rebounded with a new form of expression, made possible when his girlfriends sister gave him a secondhand guitar. A mysterious, lustful partnership with the instrument followed, Paul concedes. It became a marriage, a friendship, a lifelong bond that only comes when you find that one thing that becomes an extension of yourself. I played for hours, choosing to write my own original songs and sing instead of studying, socializing or exploring what the Boston streets could offer after hours.After graduation, Paul did find time to explore those paths, while taking opportunities to indulge his creative ambitions. Working as a teacher and social worker with inner city children by day and pursuing the possibilities offered by Bostons fertile music scene at night, he gained prominence in local coffeehouses and open mic nights. It was the same circuit that opened the door for other like-minded artists of the day, and in turn, gave Paul exposure to such creative contemporaries as Shawn Colvin, Dar Williams, Patty Larkin, John Gorka, Catie Curtis, and Bill Morrissey. It also helped him win a Boston Underground Songwriting competition and placement on a Windham Hill Records singer/songwriter compilation, bringing him his first hint of national exposure at the same time.The major tipping point in his career came with the opportunity to open for Bill Morrissey, one of New Englands most prominent folk artists. Paul would repeatedly ask Morrissey about his own influences and seek his advice on who he ought to listen to. You know, thats a very smart thing to do, Morrissey muses. It helped set him apart. A lot of young singers I meet are not curious about what went on before; they just say, I want to sing another song about my life. Paul has a sense of roots, of connectedness to the whole history of folk music; he sees the thread that runs through all the generations of this music.It was mutual admiration that caused Paul to ask Morrissey to produce his first full album, 1993s Say Something. It was released on Black Wolf Records, the label he founded with Ralph Jaccodine, the man who would become his manager. Ralph was fulfilling a dream to get into the music business, Paul recalls. Starting with a folk singer isnt a rocket launch, but we got off the ground. We started a label and began a lifelong, DIY partnership and have been in the trenches for over 20 years.Paul also became infatuated with the music of Woody Guthrie, drawn to Woodys social consciousness and the humanitarian streak that ran through his work. He even had a tattoo of Guthrie imprinted on his right shoulder, referring to it as a badge of who he was. His commitment to Guthries legacy eventually led to his inclusion in a ten day celebration of Woodys work held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in September 1996, an event that included such notables as Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg, the Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco and which was presided over by Guthries daughter Nora. Later, when Guthries hometown of Okemah, Oklahoma hosted the first Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in July, 1998, Paul was tapped as one of the headliners. He has since made this an annual part of his touring schedule, garnering the honor of being named an honorary citizen of Okemah in the process. The connection with Guthrie continued into the new millennium when Nora Guthrie invited him to put music to a set of her fathers lyrics. He later participated in the Ribbon of Highway tour, a communal salute featuring such luminaries as Arlo Guthrie, Marty Stuart, Ramblin Jack Ellott, Nanci Griffith, Guy Clark and Janis Ian, among others. Theres likely no greater evidence of how Guthries insights and humanity have rubbed off on Paul than in this particularly telling tribute from Nora Guthrie. "A singer songwriter is only as good as the times he reflects,she said in praising Paul. In times like these, when so many nuts are running the show, it's comforting to know that Ellis Paul is actually holding our sanity on his own stage! Wise, tender, brilliant and biting, Ellis is one of our best human compasses, marking in melodies and poems where we've been and where we might go if we so choose to. Personally Ellis, I'm goin' where you're goin'!"Where Paul is goin is to practically every place a microphone beckons and a crowd of the folk faithful awaits. Hes become a staple at the Newport Folk Festival, played Carnegie hall, and venues from Alaska to Miami, Paris and London. In addition to his 19 albums released on the Rounder and Black Wolf record labels, his music has appeared on dozens of distinguished compilations. A Film/DVD entitled 3000 Miles — part concert film, part documentary, part instructional video — provides a further prospective on both the man and his music. Hes also released a pair of childrens albums, earning him honors from the Parents Choice Foundation for both. His latest, "The Hero In You" has been turned into a picture book, detailing the lives of great American heroes. Ellis' literate, evocative and insightful writings are further showcased in a book of poetry and short stories entitled Notes from the Road," already in it's third pressing. Its no wonder then that recently Paul received a prestigious honor: an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Maine, which also asked him to write the school's alma mater as well as deliver its commencement address in May 2014.Happily, his music has been shared with a wider audience as well, through commercials, documentaries, TV shows and in the soundtracks of several blockbuster films, among them three by the Farrelly Brothers — Hall Pass (starring Owen Wilson and Alyssa Milano), Me, Myself, & Irene (starring Jim Carrey) and Shallow Hal (starring Jack Black and Gwyneth Paltrow). Peter Farrelly summed up the sentiments of all those who have come to know and appreciate Pauls music by referring to him as a national treasure.Not surprisingly, Pauls consistently been heralded by others as well. One writer noted that it reminds you how much we need storytellers back in pop music — storytellers with empathy, fine eyes and an understanding that even though we live in a soulless, indifferent would, out music doesnt have to reflect our culture." Another reviewer was even more pointed. Ellis Paul is one of the best singer/songwriters of his generation, she commented. And for many of us he is the face of contemporary folk music. Few are as smart, as literate, as poetic as Paul. I cannot think of another artist on the acoustic music scene is better loved by fans, or more respected by his contemporaries.Indeed, he is all that, and in a very real sense, even more. Hes an observer, a philosopher, and an astute storyteller who shares with his listeners the life lessons hes learned, and in turn, life lessons they ought to heed as well. By affirming and defining who he is, Ellis Paul affirms and uncovers the essence of us all.– Lee Zimmerman (writer/reviewer for American Songwriter, No Depression, New Times, Country Standard Time, Blurt, Relix, and M Music and Musicians)

at Eddie’s Attic
515-B N. McDonough Street
Decatur, United States

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Beware the Retirement Splurge

Beware the Retirement Splurge
When trying to figure out how much money you will need in retirement, the amount you plan to spend is obviously a huge factor. The general rule is that you will need approximately 80% of your preretirement income each year to live in the manner to …
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Money, money, money: More from guest economist John Hearn
As people were using goldsmith receipts as money there was a lot of gold surplus to requirements in their vaults, and a lot of respectable borrowers and governments who wanted to borrow money. Seeing another opportunity the goldsmiths turned themselves …
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Tony Robbins' secret to wealth has nothing to do with money
He went from a cash-strapped upbringing to an estimated net worth of $ 440 million, has coached some of the wealthiest people in the world, and even wrote a book about mastering your money, "MONEY: Master The Game." His financial perspective is unique …
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Luxoft Recognized by Zinnov Management Consulting

Luxoft Recognized by Zinnov Management Consulting
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luxoft Holding, Inc. (NYSE:LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, today announced it has once again been recognized by Zinnov Management …
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Why I rejected an entry level investment banking job to go into consulting
Like a lot of my peers with an interest in finance, I faced a fairly straightforward choice of trying to break into investment banking or go for a career in consulting. 2014 was my final year and after a lot of work throughout my studies – multiple …
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Man City Decide To Change Their Club Badge After Consulting With Fans
Man City Decide To Change Their Club Badge After Consulting With Fans. Chris Wright. 25th, November 2015. man-city-badge2. Man City have announced that they are now planning to redesign their club crest following several rounds of consultations with …
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